Spy On Any Shopify Store Sales.

Validate potential product opportunities. All the information you need to make the right call is here ! Revenue estimates, price, sales trends and much more.

How do we track sales?

We monitor stores directly. Specifically, we monitor the inventory of each store. The tracking of store sales is done from the moment you insert them in LastSales. We have error margine up to 20%

Spy on any shopify stores sales.

consult your competitors' sales and make the most accurate and lucrative decisions.

Hundreds of shopify stores to explore in our dynamic database

The database is updated with current and trendy stores.

See how much an influencer is bringing in sales to a store.

Accurately evaluate your competitors' advertising campaigns. Product placement, social media campaigns.

Track the site sales YOU choose

Analyze your competitors' sales with advanced statistics and detailed breakdown.

14 Days free trial

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Cloud based

Recover your data from anywhere. From any device.

What do you see with LastSales.io ?

Complete website breakdown

Accurately track the sales statistics of your competitors (or future competitors). The tracking starts as soon as you add the store to the database and never ends.

Free 14 day trial. Cancel at any time

Join lastsales and spy on the stores of your choice among the 2.297 million shopify stores.
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